An easy way to connect with your older grandkids

A three year old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm. ~Bill Vaughan
Childhood fun
When my grandkids were little, and I still have some who are, we could take long walks outside in the sunshine and search for ladybeetles and grasshoppers. We'd watch the busy ants at work and laugh at the nosey magpie who always follows us around and wants to know what we are doing.

If the weather was unfriendly, we'd build a cardboard cubby house indoors and decorate it with finger paint and stickers. We might serve a high tea of chocolate cupcakes and scones with jam and cream to all the teddy bears. (Teddies are well known for their fondness of chocolate cupcakes.) 
But, sadly, kids don't remain content with hunting for beetles. They grow up and their interests certainly change, though perhaps not their interest in cupcakes and scones. It's harder to connect with your older grandkids and build fun memories.

So.. how do you entertain older grandkids and generate a level of excitement and anticipation when they visit with you?
Fortunately, I have discovered Clip Circuit Electro Lab from Heebie Jeebies. Have you seen it?

So simple, kids can complete it themselves

It's a wonderful kit that contains colour-coded, numbered components that clip together to make various electronic projects- a light with an on/off switch, a buzzer, a fan and more. The manual that accompanies the kit provides step by step instructions to complete each project. Each piece also contains graphics that help kids learn about electric currents and more while working on each project.

There is a basic kit as well as larger kits to complete more advanced projects with additional components. Everything needed to build each project in the manual is included in the kits.'s lot's of fun and not just for the boys. You'd be surprised how much the girls enjoy clipping the components together to create a light or a buzzer, too.
Fun and educational
It worked out especially well with my grandson. He was studying electricity at school so this fun activity was also educational and reinforced his schoolwork. So, build some fun memories with your older grandkids. Invest in a kit yourself and I'm sure you and your grandkids will really enjoy these activities together.
Where will you find Clip Circuits Electro Labs?
I was able to pick up a kit at the Puzzling Store.

You can find them online here. Australian Geographic also stocks them. See here.

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