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An Easy Approach to Feeding Fussy Toddlers

(This article titled Want an Easy Fix for Feeding Fussy Toddlers? Read this! appeared first At Grandma's Place.)

" 'M hun'ry! Nannie.....'m hun'ry!" It doesn't matter how well-fed my small grandsons are, they always seem to be hungry, or so they say.  But  even more aggravating... they've become picky eaters, all of a sudden. So, how can I feed them? They'll devour a meal one day but refuse to touch it another; even foods that I thought were their favourite! And how can I encourage them to try healthy alternatives? They won't even look at anything different.  Mmmmm..... feeding fussy eaters is my constant frustration at the moment and I'm not alone; I know of many mothers (and grandmothers, too) with similar concerns. Well, yes, I know there are some wonderful and imaginative recipe books to inspire mothers and encourage those fussy little eaters. But, I've found a quick and easy way to handle the 'feeding fussy toddlers dilemma'…