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10 apps every grandparent needs

Grandparents of today are a different breed. Gone is the image of the little old grandma seated in a rocking chair on the front porch quietly knitting and watching the world go by.

I was reading some interesting statistics about today's grandparents. 75% of those who are grandparents are online. 70% will use search engines to locate information. 63% regularly make purchases online. 46% bank online. 45% are on social media.

The information didn't actually list any details about iPad usage but I've read elsewhere that 45% have downloaded 10 or more apps in a year.

I know that my iPad is an integral part of my life. I'm rarely without it and it's not just to provide apps to entertain the grandkids, though I have different apps for the different ages of my grandchildren. So, I was questioning just what apps are worthwhile for grandparents today, for the Baby Boomers. The difficulty of course is that there are so many. For almost every situation you can imagine, truly,…

Spend time with your grandkids- create a book file together

It's been said that grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old. Actually, I don't feel old. I know I am, of course. I have only to look at the awe and amazement on the faces of my grandchildren when I admit that, growing up, we didn't have colour TV to realise that, yep, I'm pretty old. I don't like to even suggest that .. shock.. horror.. the internet didn't exist then, either.

No, I want to be more than just an item of curiosity for my grandkids. I want to be connected and involved in their lives, which is not that easy when the lives of today's families are so fast-paced and varied.

But, I've found it doesn't need to be too difficult or time-consuming to connect- it just takes a bit of planning. For example, my oldest granddaughter, like many girls, enjoys crafts. That's something that we can share and do together. And it doesn't need to be an expensive activity or require too much  time and skill.

Last week, we m…