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Why you should use a food diary and how to do it

(Yep... affiliate links are included which means, if you buy through me, I get some coffee money ...though not enough for the raisin toast as well. Full disclosure listed below.) A healthy outside starts on the inside. --Robert Urich Last month was our wedding anniversary-just a low-key affair but we finished the evening with a treat-Magnum ice-cream. I don't know about you but I love a Magnum ice-cream. There are so many delicious flavours- Classic, Ego Caramel, White. What's your favourite!

​Would it surprise you to know that, should you decide to indulge in one smooth, velvety chocolate coated Magnum ice-cream sprinkled with toasted almond slivers, you'll be consuming 270 calories? Would it also surprise you to know that you'd have to engage in strenuous weight-lifting for 30 minutes to work off those calories? Makes you think, doesn't it. I'm thankful that our anniversary is but a yearly event.😊

A Big Mac might take only 5 minutes to eat but you'll have t…