Why you should use a food diary and how to do it

(Yep... affiliate links are included which means, if you buy through me, I get some coffee money ...though not enough for the raisin toast as well. Full disclosure listed below.) A healthy outside starts on the inside. --Robert Urich Last month was our wedding anniversary-just a low-key affair but we finished the evening with a treat-Magnum ice-cream. I don't know about you but I love a Magnum ice-cream. There are so many delicious flavours- Classic, Ego Caramel, White. What's your favourite!

​Would it surprise you to know that, should you decide to indulge in one smooth, velvety chocolate coated Magnum ice-cream sprinkled with toasted almond slivers, you'll be consuming 270 calories? Would it also surprise you to know that you'd have to engage in strenuous weight-lifting for 30 minutes to work off those calories? Makes you think, doesn't it. I'm thankful that our anniversary is but a yearly event.😊

A Big Mac might take only 5 minutes to eat but you'll have t…

How and why you need to develop a daily walking habit

'An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.' - Henry David Thoreau The bright sunshine in Australia is beautiful but intense for most of the day. It makes for a wonderful holiday destination, brilliant beach snapshots, and plenty of solar energy. But it's also really important to wear a hat, sunglasses and 30+ SPF sunscreen, frequently applied.

Although my grandmother was accustomed to cooler, softer English days, without exception, she would venture out for her daily walk despite the heat. Did it harm her? No.. she lived well into her 90s. In fact, current research would indicate that her daily walking habit probably contributed to her longevity.
We were designed to walk for miles and miles to hunt and gather our food. Yet, in modern society, we spend most of our time sitting down. That is not good for our bodies leading to a host of health problems. This is probably one of the most important reasons to make an effort to move around and go for a walk each day…

An Easy Approach to Feeding Fussy Toddlers

(This article titled Want an Easy Fix for Feeding Fussy Toddlers? Read this! appeared first At Grandma's Place.)

" 'M hun'ry! Nannie.....'m hun'ry!" It doesn't matter how well-fed my small grandsons are, they always seem to be hungry, or so they say.  But  even more aggravating... they've become picky eaters, all of a sudden. So, how can I feed them? They'll devour a meal one day but refuse to touch it another; even foods that I thought were their favourite! And how can I encourage them to try healthy alternatives? They won't even look at anything different.  Mmmmm..... feeding fussy eaters is my constant frustration at the moment and I'm not alone; I know of many mothers (and grandmothers, too) with similar concerns. Well, yes, I know there are some wonderful and imaginative recipe books to inspire mothers and encourage those fussy little eaters. But, I've found a quick and easy way to handle the 'feeding fussy toddlers dilemma'…

An easy way to connect with your older grandkids

A three year old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm. ~Bill VaughanChildhood fun
When my grandkids were little, and I still have some who are, we could take long walks outside in the sunshine and search for ladybeetles and grasshoppers. We'd watch the busy ants at work and laugh at the nosey magpie who always follows us around and wants to know what we are doing.

If the weather was unfriendly, we'd build a cardboard cubby house indoors and decorate it with finger paint and stickers. We might serve a high tea of chocolate cupcakes and scones with jam and cream to all the teddy bears. (Teddies are well known for their fondness of chocolate cupcakes.)  But, sadly, kids don't remain content with hunting for beetles. They grow up and their interests certainly change, though perhaps not their interest in cupcakes and scones. It's harder to connect with your older grandkids and build f…

No Muss. No Fuss. Cooking for Kids

Maybe it's the cold weather. Maybe it's the kids home now on school holidays. Maybe it's the inspiration from a recent cookbook sale. Whatever the reason, I seem to be spending more time in the kitchen. And the kids have loved it.

 I recently bought a copy of the Australian Women's WeeklyCookiescookbook. The title grates a little.. Australians cook biscuits, not cookies. But the book itself is beautiful- not a big book but with beautiful layouts and wonderful photos. The front cover has a lovely, almost honeycomb, texture.
Mish Mash Cookies  The biscuit.. sorry, cookie.. recipes have been grouped into 4 categories: kids, cafe, holidays, occasions. Naturally, I began with the kids' cookies. And the Mish Mash cookies are a lot of fun. They are so easy that the kids can help you make them. They'll only take about 15 minutes to complete.

250 gm milk chocolate, chopped roughly115gm packaged baby Oreo biscuits1 cup honey Tiny Teddy biscuits1 cup mixed mini p…

Cook up some memories with your grandkids

Yesterday, I cooked up a batch of simple Jam Drops and, while still warm,  packaged them up for my grandkids. I wasn't certain whether they would appreciate them. After all, the grocery shelves are lined with colourful packs of commercially made biscuits of all shapes, assortments and flavours. And Jam Drops are quite basic.

They're the sort of biscuit that I used to whip up quickly and pop into the oven while the dinner cooked. But that was when my kids were small... and times, and tastes, change.

Apparently, though, kids still like Jam Drops- especially when they're still warm and fragrant. "You know, you're just like a real grandma, Nan... you know, cooking up special treats for their kids," commented one of my grandsons, with his mouth filled with Jam Drop. "How many can I have?"

In case you've misplaced your own family Jam Drop recipe, I've listed my own below. It varies considerably from my own grandmother's vague recipe that incl…

Create a mini greenhouse in an afternoon

It's wet and miserable today, with sudden downpours of rain that are too heavy for a fun walk in the rain and certainly too cold to take two small boys puddle jumping. But they will be here soon looking for an exciting afternoon adventure with grandma.

Fortunately, I've stocked up on indoor activities for just such a situation. Today's plan?... a wonderful mini vegetable garden.

 'Woolworths Fresh Food' store's latest shopping incentive for families and the latest in their range of collectible cards, is Jamie Oliver's Garden.

The collectible cards are very attractive with some textured, embossed and even heat sensitive that change if you hold your finger on the print. There are also some cards that are fragrant.

An optional journal can be purchased to store the cards and stickers or you could also buy a coordinated designer tin.

I noticed that, among other matching items that can be purchased, there were some small aprons, gardening trowels and watering ca…