10 apps every grandparent needs

Grandparents of today are a different breed. Gone is the image of the little old grandma seated in a rocking chair on the front porch quietly knitting and watching the world go by.

I was reading some interesting statistics about today's grandparents. 75% of those who are grandparents are online. 70% will use search engines to locate information. 63% regularly make purchases online. 46% bank online. 45% are on social media.

The information didn't actually list any details about iPad usage but I've read elsewhere that 45% have downloaded 10 or more apps in a year.

I know that my iPad is an integral part of my life. I'm rarely without it and it's not just to provide apps to entertain the grandkids, though I have different apps for the different ages of my grandchildren. So, I was questioning just what apps are worthwhile for grandparents today, for the Baby Boomers. The difficulty of course is that there are so many. For almost every situation you can imagine, truly, 'there is an app for that!'

So, I thought about the different aspects of my life as a grandparent and I've compiled my list of 10 best apps for a grandparent. They are not listed in any particular order. Click on each for more information. What apps would you consider should be added to this list?

Glo Bible includes Bible, atlas, media and connect to social media and reading plans. Easily add notes while studying.
Medical record keeping for you and anyone else in your family: medication, test results, files. Easily generate reports and share information with doctor or during a medical emergency.
Organise your life and your family activities: organiser and reminder, shopping list, to-do lists, journal. Easily shared with family.

Store and organise your recipes, import recipes from websites and share with friends.

Kids-in-Mind is a great website/app that answers all your questions and provides detailed information about every movie before watching with the grandkids.

Download and read  books, newspapers, magazines, text books and pdfs.

This great little app enables parents and linked family to easily keep a private baby/children blog with auto upload and sharing features. It's like an online brag book for grandparents and family.

Easily take notes, capture photos, make to-do lists and add information from websites emails etc, file, store and share.

Never forget a birthday again. Import birthdays from Facebook, contacts or add manually. Set reminder times. Send greetings & virtual gifts on Facebook or via email.

Customise and use to collect and read the news you care about as well as social media updates. Presented in a magazine style format.

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  1. A really nice story! there are many other apps that are grandparents-friendly; here is one that i really liked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO1yJedFxY4

  2. Thanks, Katie...that's a really touching clip, isn't it? Thanks for sharing it!


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