Display your grand-kids' photos in an unique photo-frame tray

Recently, I discovered a creative idea to make your own small table tray using a photo-frame. It's not a large tray but perfect for decorating the tabletop or as a small tea tray. The idea was very simple but the end result looked really good. You can find the original idea in a post by Aimee Song here.

She provides step-by-step instructions so it's well worth the time to read the entire post. And I've included an image of her completed design below.

But the concept did make me wonder whether I could change it slightly to create an unique display of my family and, in particular, my grandchildren.

Amy uses a photo-frame as the basis of her tray. She pops in a decorative paper and then attaches handles to the photo-frame. It looks really good.

But, since the design uses a photo-frame, I wondered I could include some photos of my grandchildren instead of the decorative paper.

My completed project is a little more rustic than Aimee's sophisticated version. But now, not only do I now have a lovely and useful tray that draws many complimentary comments from others, I can also change the images at will and so have a lovely display and recent reminder of my grandkids.

You could use just one photo and alternate it regularly. But instead, I created a photo collage using Smilebox. Try it yourself..


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