Cook up some memories with your grandkids

Yesterday, I cooked up a batch of simple Jam Drops and, while still warm,  packaged them up for my grandkids. I wasn't certain whether they would appreciate them. After all, the grocery shelves are lined with colourful packs of commercially made biscuits of all shapes, assortments and flavours. And Jam Drops are quite basic.

They're the sort of biscuit that I used to whip up quickly and pop into the oven while the dinner cooked. But that was when my kids were small... and times, and tastes, change.

Apparently, though, kids still like Jam Drops- especially when they're still warm and fragrant. "You know, you're just like a real grandma, Nan... you know, cooking up special treats for their kids," commented one of my grandsons, with his mouth filled with Jam Drop. "How many can I have?"

In case you've misplaced your own family Jam Drop recipe, I've listed my own below. It varies considerably from my own grandmother's vague recipe that included terms like: 'add a good amount of... and pour in some milk until it looks right.'

Jam Drops are great for involving the kids and teaching them some culinary skills, too. If they're old enough, they can measure the ingredients, stir in the egg and flour. They all love to roll the mixture into small balls and it's pretty easy to make and fill the small hole in each one. They don't take long to cook, either, which is great for impatient young cooks.

If you're making them to give to your grandkids, package them up in a special box or container. A small noodle box works well. Add a bit of ribbon or string and a little tag. I've created one for you to download and use if you wish.. see below and click on the link to download the pdf.

  You can even buy a 'home made' stamp to press into the base of your biscuits before cooking, if you want a special touch for your creations. The Jam Drops mixture is a little soft for this, unfortunately, but it would be great for shortbread.

Jam Drops Recipe
60gm butter
60gm sugar
1 egg
120gm self-raising flour
pinch salt

1. Cream butter and sugar
2. Add egg and beat well.
3. Add flour and salt and mix well.
4. Roll into small balls and place on a baking tray. ( I use a silicone tray.. they're great!)

5. Dip the end of a wooden spoon into a bit of flour and then press into each ball of mixture to make a small hole in each.
6. Fill the hole with jam.
7. Bake in a moderate oven (180 deg) for 15 mins.

Enjoy your biscuits and share with your grandkids...


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