A storybook app destined to become a family classic

C.S.Lewis once commented, "Though I get no more tired now than I did when I was younger, I take much longer to get un-tired afterwards."

I can relate. Today, I am struggling with the 'getting un-tired' part.

My grandsons stayed longer with me this week. I care for them a couple of days each week while their parents work. Business commitments and other factors this week meant that their parents worked later hours. So, they stayed with me until after dinner.

And that was fine... they are only little, although energetic bundles of fun. But by early evening, they were tired, and so was I, and I was running out of quieter activities to keep them occupied.

So, just for a bit of added interest, I quickly downloaded the app, 'Nighty Night'. I'd seen it reviewed a number of times and it seemed to gather a lot of positive comments. The cost of $3.99 was less expensive than a regular picture storybook,

I should say, first of all, that the graphics are beautiful. The colour is lovely. I wondered if it would appeal to the small boys.

Yep... they both wanted to be the one holding the iPad. It has a small lead-in, an intro, but you can skip it if you wish. None of us wanted to.

The story line is simple. It's night. Everyone is going to sleep. But, on the farm, the lights are still on. The animals need to go to sleep, too.

So, you need to touch a lighted window or area. It then opens to an animal's habitat/ pen/stall. The boys liked stroking and petting the animal and watching it jump around and make noises.

The animal will go to sleep when you click off the light.. which is great. The boys love switches of any sort so it's wonderful to be allowed to turn off the light!

There was one problem, although not exactly with the story app itself. One of my grandsons particularly liked the dog and he didn't want it to go to sleep.

So, although we frequently visited the page, he just wanted to pat and play with the dog, much to everyone else's frustration.

If you'd like to check out the app yourself, it's included below. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as my grandsons and I have done.


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