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I had been debating the purchase for some time. After all, it meshed perfectly with the typical image of a grandma, but did I really want that image? It turned out, I'd timed the purchase perfectly.

As I staggered in with the over-sized box from Ikea, (yes, I know I'd vowed never again to attempt another flat pack from Ikea) I began to feel a little uncomfortable, almost unwell. Overtired, I expect. But as I stood back to admire the completed rocking chair, even the pleasure of realising that all the pieces did, indeed, fit could not dim the knowledge that yes, my grandkids had definitely shared their recent bout of gastro with me. I felt most unwell.

One of the inevitable consequences of caring for grandchildren is the real likelihood of contracting their illnesses. I certainly made good use of that rocking chair as I recovered.
C.S.Lewis once noted, 'Though I get no more tired now than I did when I was younger, I take much longer to get un-tired afterwards.'
 I agree, but I think the same applies when convalescing. But my commitments and general busyness didn't ease so I really needed to get back on my feet quickly and I really felt 'down' and unmotivated. So I checked to see how best to recover and found this helpful advice from  It's especially reassuring that the site's information is maintained by those in the medical profession.

So.. I'm feeling much better and enjoying my comfortable rocking chair. My grandson decided he'd like to try it himself and snuggled happily into the chair and just sat there. He waited few moments and then said, " So.. how do I get it going?" It may be low-tech, it may present a 'granny' personnae, but I don't care. It's really relaxing.

So... what do you find helps you recover quickly from illness?

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