What's your real age?

I was told that once I turned 50, everything would start to fall apart. So, I waited in fear and trembling for these dire predictions to be fulfilled. Helpful though it is, it probably doesn't help your peace of mind for government departments to begin sending through the reminders for health scans and checks, either. It certainly can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, although I regularly adhere to the recommended health reviews, I have had no real concerns to date.

I love that quote about grandchildren: 'If I'd known how much fun grandchildren would be, I'd have had them first.' I will admit, though, that I lack the energy that once I had, and looking after grandchildren can be exhausting. And whenever I forget something, misplace by car keys or find myself hesitating over level 2 or 3 in the supermarket car park, I question the onset of Alzheimer's.

So... I was interested recently to take an online test by ShareCare and Dr Oz, 'What's your actual age?' Have you checked it out?
You can find it HERE.

You'll find quite an extensive number of questions so don't rush the test. And the test isn't designed for any particular age-group so anyone can take the test. It will brighten your day if you receive an encouraging result with your actual age less than your years. But don't be upset if not... there are helpful articles and recommendations for everyone who takes the test to read and consider in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It's worth checking it out! Let me know how it goes.

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